How can I be certain that the Quran is the direct word of God? (2024)

There are two methods:

  1. By perceiving the Quran through our emotional memory, and/or

  2. By deeply reflecting on the Quran’s contents using our mental faculty. 

Let’s begin with the first method, which is relatively easier compared to the second one. This involves engaging with the Quran through the act of reading it correctly and/or attentively listening to its recitation, irrespective of whether one comprehends the meaning of its words. Described by God as the Spirit and the incarnation of reminiscing reminder, the Quran stands as the living scripture that infuses life into those who interact with it and stimulate their emotional memory. The impact of these attributes on people can only be described as miraculous, evoking feelings of comfort, tranquillity, and serenity, capable even of moving one to tears. Reading the Quran also awakens the dormant senses in humans—the eyes, ears, and mind of the heart. This, in turn, enables one to recognize and follow the true path to everlasting happiness in this life and the next. For a more profound exploration of the Quran’s spiritual essence and the myriad benefits of its recitation for the human spirit and emotions, delve into the essays available on this website. Additionally, carefully selected recitations by respected Quran reciters are available for readers’ convenience.

Now, let’s explore the second method, which involves uncovering the limitless wonders and treasures embedded in the Quran through a profound study of its contents. Reading a so-called translation of its words will not suffice. The contents of the Quran are referred to as “Ayat”, meaning wonders. To unravel the magnificent wonders of the Quran, one must be prepared to immerse oneself in scholarly materials pertaining to the subjects addressed in the Quran. For instance, if the content addresses celestial bodies such as stars, delving into scholarly works on the same subject enables one to perceive how the Quran aligns with the realities of the universe. Matters that have recently come to light due to technological and scientific advancements would have remained unknown to Prophet Muhammed over a thousand years ago unless disclosed by the creator who possesses the ultimate understanding of how things work, having fashioned them Himself. Further guidance on how to approach this method correctly can be found in the essays available on this website.

It is important to note that a deep understanding of the Quran is not a prerequisite for reading it to derive spiritual benefits, similar to how we benefit from the nourishment of food without needing to comprehend the workings of its nutritional elements. However, this should not be taken as an encouragement to forsake the pursuit of studying the Quran and understanding its wonderful contents. The challenge lies in identifying reliable sources and allocating time for comprehensive reading. From my personal experience, it has taken three years (more than 800 hours in total) to go through a complete interpretation of the Quran provided by a renowned Muslim scholar. While I can effortlessly read the entire Quran once every month, covering one chapter per day (about 30-50 mins daily)