The contents of the Quran are called “Ayat”,  which literally means wonders, NOT verses

The Quran is the only actual readily available Spirit (Ar-ruh الروح ), offering mental comfort and tranquility to all the beings. The Quran was brought down from God through the Holy Spirit to the prophet Mohammed over a span of 23 year. 

Know that Allah, the Possessor of the 99 names of utmost beauty and goodness, did not teach Muhammed the art of Poetry. It is neither honorable nor proper for the Quran to be in the form of Poetry, nor for Muhammed to be a poet. What Muhammed was taught is beyond the realm of Poetry; it is the manifestation of reminiscing recollection and profound reminder that resonates with all souls, invoking a reflexive response that soothes the turmoil of the mind. The Quran is also the embodiment of a timeless and eloquent recitation, perpetually read, never losing its impact no matter how many times it is repeated. It is a Divine Message that serves as a constant reminder, alerting all who are alive to pay heed to its warnings. Thus, the punishment that Allah has decreed for the deniers is befitting and entirely just, without a doubt.

(My translation of scholarly reflection on Ayat 69-70 of Surat Yaseen)

Be aware that if Allah, the Possessor of the 99 names of utmost beauty and goodness, had chosen to unveil the wonders of Quran in a language other than Arabic, some would surely question, “Should it not be in Arabic so that we may comprehend it?” Others may even propose that it should be divided into sections and chapters, with some in Arabic and others in different languages. Respond to them by stating that the Quran requires no additional languages, for its essence lies in belief.  Therefore, to those who already believe in Allah, the Quran is their ultimate treasure, transcending linguistic barriers. The Quran is the embodiment of Guidance and Healing, leading the believers on the righteous path and alleviating their pain and suffering. As for the deniers, it is their profound loss that they remain oblivious to the miraculous qualities of the Quran. Their ears are afflicted with an internal noise that obstruct clarity, impairing their vision in the process. Those people will therefore not benefit from the Quran, even if they speak its language, as they dwell in a distant realm of their own making.

(My translation of scholarly reflection on the above Ayah no. 44 from Surat Fusilat)