Have you ever wondered what a living memory would look like? I mean, is there such a thing? A living memory imprinted in a physical substance that can intertwine and couple with the human memory? Well, the only source that makes such a claim is the Qur’an. We know this because it describes itself as Zikr and Zikra, meaning the incarnation of reminiscing & nostalgic remembrance. But how do we validate this claim? The answer is, very easily. All you need to do is listen to the Qur’an to experience and feel this life infusing communion. No translations, please. You will find a selection of Qur’an recitations on this site, or you can head over to YouTube. To understand the mechanism of the Qur’an on the human memory, have a read of the essays found on this site. I am frequently adding new content covering various topics, so check often to get your regular dose of Qur’anic reflections.

Author: Zainab Hilli

Master of Applied Linguistics
The University of Melbourne
Email: info@elixirlife.net
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